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  • XpandaHose Flexible Expandable 75ft Water Garden Hose By J&B Lawn – Durable Latex Core & Copper Ends – Lightweight – Kink Free & Retractable – Comes With 9 Setting Nozzle


    • A MUST HAVE GARDEN TOOL THAT IS BUILT TO LAST FOR LIFE: This shrinking water hose makes the perfect addition to your gardening tools. Featuring a heavy duty, long lasting latex core and sturdy copper fittings that prevents leaks, this retractable, no king garden hose is a must have for every household. You buy once, you enjoy for life.
    • SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND EFFORT: Haven’t you had enough with struggling to carry your water hose around and feeling exhausted every single time you decide to water your garden? It is high time you made your life easier! This expandable home garden water hose is lightweight and easy to carry. In addition, it expands up to 3 times its original length, allowing you to move freely and reach every corner.
    • 9 SETTING NOZZLE THAT OFFERS COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES: Along with the 75 feet expanding water hose, you will receive an extremely handy 9 setting nozzle that will give you the chance to use it for many different purposes. Water your garden, wash your car, give your pet a refreshing shower or clean your outdoor windows in the easiest way!