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  • Ceiling Fans and Accessories

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  • Ceiling Fan Dome Remote


    ✔ HIGH AIRFLOW – MORE AIR CIRCULATION. 62W motor and five 22″ wooden fan blades provide an incredible 4,400 CFM – an airflow efficiency of nearly 71 CFM/W and Energy Star rated.
    ✔ ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING – EASY INSTALL. This traditional ceiling fan can be flush mounted for low ceilings, downrod mounted for normal and high ceilings, or angle mounted for use in rooms with angled ceilings. Just follow the instructions!
    ✔ REMOTE CONTROL OPERATED – Control the 52 inch ceiling fan from anywhere in the room. With the remote control, you can adjust the light and brightness in the living room, bedroom or kitchen and set the speed of the fan without stretching for the pull chain.

  • Hyperikon Shoebox 100-300W


    ✔ GENERATION 5 – The best performing LED technology with 133 Lm/W, exclusively powered by Hyperikon’s cutting edge diode technology. THD > 16.78%. Power Factor 0.95. CRI 80.
    ✔ 65% ENERGY BILL REDUCTION – Energy savings and lifetime is backed by DLC 4.2 Premium, making it eligible for rebates of up to several hundred dollars depending on state utility program.
    ✔ 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME – Lifetime is guaranteed by Hyperikon’s award winning 5 Year Unlimited Warranty.

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    Hyperikon Stadium Light


    ✔ FULLY WEATHERPROOF – With an excellent IP rating of 66, this 200w LED light is durable and protects against tough weather conditions without causing any harmful effects on the bulb. This is ideal for lighting up sport courts, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, or football stadiums.
    ✔ 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME – LED bulbs have an incredible lifespan of 22 years (based on 6h/day usage). Make a smart investment now by replacing your old harmful Metal-halide light fixture. By switching to our LED Arena light you will cut down on energy costs by up to 84% when replacing 1200W with 200W!
    ✔ AUTHENTIC PRODUCT REVIEWS – Hyperikon works hard to ensure customers are satisfied. Our authentic product reviews are an honest reflection of real customers and their experience with our products and service.