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  • Sale! BioCare Gnat Stix S5333

    BioCare Gnat Stix S5333

    $13.99 $6.20

    BioCare Gnat Stix S5333 The single most effective treatment for fungus gnats in house plants! Simple, easy to use sticky traps kill adult gnats for months as they emerge from the soil
    The insects are attracted to the exact color of yellow sticky
    Controls even the worst infestations without toxic pesticides

  • Sale!

    Black Flag Fly Paper Insect Trap


    Traps house flies, mosquitos and other flying insects indoors or outdoors
    Long lasting once opened
    Use on tree trunks to trap gypsy moths

  • Sale!

    Black Flag Fly Stick Insect Trap


    Attracts and traps flying insects
    Lasts for up to 3 months
    Use indoors or outdoors

  • Sale!

    Blue Rhino SV3100 SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator, 1-Acre Coverage

    $399.95 $310.04

    Eliminates mosquitoes and other backyard insects
    Electronic ignition easily sparks the filled propane tank (propane sold separately)
    CO2 rating is 27,000 cc/hour

  • HAUSBELL Nontoxic Mosquito Trap


    Safety with chemical free: no need for toxic mosquito repellent and bug zapper; no smell, no irritants to lungs like sprays.
    Working condition. Preferable operate in night or in low light environment, without external light source overshadowing bluish light output or disturbing spectral emission.
    Light sensor. Automatically turns the trap on at dusk and off at dawn (manually-activated also available); Please place the mosquito trap 59-78 inches above the ground to achieve the best result.

  • Sale!

    Springstar Apple Maggot Trap

    $19.99 $15.57

    Apple maggot trap and lure set have proven effective at reducing apple maggot damage
    Flies are attracted by the lures and come to a sticky demise on the juicy looking apple sphere
    The reusable trap includes our one season, controlled release lure system