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Worm Castings

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  • Black Gold 1390302 Earthworm Castings


    Listed by the organic materials review institute for the production of organic food and fiber
    All organic soil amendment that’s excellent for use as a top dressing, diluted to make a rich liquid tea, or mixed with any soil to stimulate plant growth
    Earthworm castings improve soil structure and increase microbial activity in a way that out performs most commercial fertilizers

  • Earthworm Castings

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    Earthworm Castings

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  • Organic Earthworm Castings


    20 Quart Earthworm Castings! Approximately 25 Pounds.
    Natures Soil Builder!
    Red Worm Castings will aid providing stronger roots and more bountiful plants!

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    Organic Sustainable Earthworm Castings

    $16.99 $14.88

    Certified Organic Approved NPK of 1.5-0-0 High in Calcium & Iron
    Significantly Higher Yields & Larger, more Colorful Blooms
    Safe around Children, Pets, Wildlife & the Environment

  • Sustainable Earthworm Castings


    Organic Certified Approved 1.5-0-0 / VEGAN / Non-GMO / Sustainable
    Concentrated Strength – 1 Teaspoon will feed a 6″ Potted Plant for 4 Months!
    No Manure/No Odor/High Water Retention/High Microbial Activity

  • Uncle Jims Worm Farm Worm Compost


    Comes straight from the same bins that our worms are raised in.
    VERY nutritious and created from our worms.
    100% Natural (means no Chemicals!)

  • Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer


    2lbs of Organic Fertilizer 100% Worm Castings
    Will Not Burn Your Plants, Odor Free, Pet Friendly, Great For Indoor Plants
    Perfect For Making Worm Tea for Natural Pest Control.

  • WORM CASTINGS vermicompost

    2lbs OF WORM CASTINGS (vermicompost), approx 2 quarts
    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: POTTED PLANTS AND SEEDS: Use 1 part castings to 4 parts potting soil. POTTED PLANTS, ESTABLISHED: Add 1-2 inches of castings to top of soil. Mix in, taking care not to damage roots- water in-repeat every 2-3 months. ROSES, TREES, SHRUBS AND BERIES: Top dress with worm castings, work lightly into soil if possible. WORM TEA: Add 2 cups of castings to 5 gallons of non-chlorinated water and soak for 24 hours, aerate for best results.