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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp are not just a pretty rock crystal, it has a deep history and evidence surrounding its many benefits. Millions of years ago, a sea bed crystallized and was covered with a layer of lava. As snow and earth accumulated, what we now know as the Himalayas formed. For centuries humans have mined this salt and used it in cooking, bathing, and even medicine.
Each Himalayan Salt Lamp is made of this amazing treasure of nature as chunks of the sea bed are mined and hand carved into lamps.
The VOLTAS Himalayan Salt Lamps work by neutralizing the air around you. Our surroundings are clustered with positive ions that can cause headaches or stuffiness in a room. The Himalayan Salt Lamp combats these pesky positive ions by emitting negative ions. Because of this amazing power of the Himalayan salt lamp, some of the benefits noted by users of this product have been: less allergies and headaches, cleaner and better smelling air, and a significantly better mood

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